CRSED: F.O.A.D. ist wie PUBG mit Kräften, jetzt auf Linux und Dampfdeck verifiziert

We may not have PUBG supported on Linux / Steam Deck yet but we do now have CRSED: F.O.A.D. (previously called Cuisine Royale), a Battle Royale game that looks quite a bit like PUBG but sprinkles in some powers.

At some point, the developer put up a Native Linux version and it has also now been Steam Deck Verified with the announcement being official earlier this month. So if you’ve been after another BR game, perhaps this might be it? Although it doesn’t have a big playerbase, it’s active enough that finding a game so far hasn’t been a problem. Seems mildly amusing too.

Here’s how it runs on my Fedora Linux desktop followed by Steam Deck:

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It’s close to perfection. Once they fix up some of the lighting issues, it would be quite great.


  • Massive and dense PvP battles: dozens of players begin their trip in one of the four picturesque and detailed locations, fighting their way to the centre of the battlefield. All the while, the battlefield itself shrinks constantly, surrounded by the deadly Dark Zone.
  • Different champions to select-each one with a unique superpower.
  • A constantly growing collection of realistically modelled weapons and armor, including anti-materiel guns, sniper rifles, assault rifles, rocket launchers, flamethrowers and mortars. There are few compromises in the game regarding physics or ballistics rules. Different vehicles, military amphibians and speed boats will help to cover distances.
  • Use mystical powers! Draw seals with your blood or conduct ancient rituals, throw hex bags at enemies and use your own special power. You can flood the whole map or cause the sun to eclipse, set up traps, summon zombies or teleport yourself or others the hell out of here. But first, one needs to collect sinner souls for killing enemies-to be able to pay for most of that luxury.
  • Stand out from the crowd with different costumes, masks, talismans, hats, gestures, graffiti and even underwear! Unlock new spirit-guardians to get additional tactical abilities in the battles.
  • Regular special events with new rules and setups of battles and a system of daily tasks and secret missions rewarding players with unique items and powers.
  • Fair play TPV: you can play in first or third person view. In order to mitigate any advantage of the latter, every player has a familiar with a camera that can uncover the position of a player who is peeking around a corner. So if you see a butterfly or a drone-you should know that you are being watched.

Steam Deck is a success for Valve and Linux Gaming
On my desktop with two monitors, one annoying quirk it had when first loading was the resolution stretching across both. A quick change in the settings and now it’s looking pretty good, and it performs well too. The game is even using the Vulkan API on Linux.

Play free on Steam.

Article taken from have CRSED.